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Introducing YELLABOT - The World's Most Powerful Yellow Pages Scraper. Harvest Data From Over Two Dozen Yellow Pages Sites Worldwide!

Use YellaBot's Powerful Features to Scrape and Export Yellow Pages content.

Use your Yellow Pages data to:

Publish High Quality Business Listings on Your Own Domain
Construct Custom Business Lead Lists
Create Your Own Local Business Directories
Quickly Create Niche Directories for SEO and Organic Search Results
Begin Your Own Local Business Review Sites
Gather Phone Numbers for Cold Calling Local Businesses
Gather Phone Numbers and Data for Predictive Dialers, Auto Dialers, Power Dialers, and Call Center Applications
Find Leads and Offer Services to Local Businesses
Provide Your Own Professional Scraping Services
Gather Emails for Email Marketing to Local Businesses
Collect Business Addresses for Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Save VALUABLE time and energy. Be more productive. Save money. Don't outsource those expensive data mining jobs. Pick up this FAST and simple-to-use tool and begin SCRAPING THE YELLOW PAGES yourself with a few simple clicks!

YellaBot will Help You:

Search & Discover business listings in MANY countries, including...

United States (USA) (
United Kingdom (UK) (
Canada (
Australia (
Germany (
Ireland (
Indonesia (
New Zeland (
France (
South Africa (
Austria (
South America (
Additional support for South American countries, including...

Puerto Rico
Costa Rica
El Salvador
Dominican Republic
YellaBot is Super Fast and can scrape thousands of listings in minutes!
No complicated settings. Choose a country, enter a keyword/location and hit search. Incredibly easy and robust.
Smart scraping features allow you to resume interrupted data harvesting jobs with ease making YellaBot software the most robust YellowPages scraper of its kind.
GEO Map Coordinates included with your scrapes, perfect for posting Google Maps of the business location directly into your websites.
Export huge, clean databases to various formats including CSV, SQL & TXT (tab-delimited)...
User Reports indicate YellaBot's superior ability to scrape thousands of business records in a single setting.
For Power users who wish to scrape 10's of thousands of records, YellaBot's built-in proxy support and VPN support allows you to avoid detection by any of the Yellow Pages websites.
Duplicate Listings automatically removed.
Scrape the Following Data from the Yellow Pages based on availability: Business Name, Business Address, Phone Number, Street/Unit/Block, City/Suburb, State, Postal Code (zip code), Map coordinates (longitude and latitude), Website URL, Email address, Business Description, Up to six descriptive keywords and up to three alternate location descriptions. (See Full List)
Extract Business Email Addresses when available.
Unlimited Searches - Don't pay hundreds of dollars per month to scrape a limited number of pages like some companies offer, when you can pay one time and scrape as many pages as you like, anytime you like, at your leisure, indefinitely!
Quickly Gather Local, National and Worldwide Business Leads and create your own, custom business lead lists!
30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

And it REALLY IS simple to use!

YellaBot is powerful enough to satisfy any experienced professional and simple enough for any non-technical person to use straight out of the box. YellaBot installs in just 2-minutes time and you'll be scraping your first business leads 1-minute later!  Try it yourself and see just how effective this fast and easy-to-use software is to use!

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Thanks for checking out my Yellow Pages Scraping Software,

Gerry Cramer

P. S. If you already UNDERSTAND THE POWER behind YellaBot and don't want to bother with a free trial, you can BUY NOW! To do so, simply CLICK HERE!


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